Why You Should Use A Real Estate Agent When Selling Your Home

1. Choose The Ideal Listing Price

A qualified real estate agent can help you choose the right price for listing your home based on what is currently happening in the local market. By looking up comparable sales in your area, they can help you decide on a price for your property that will allow you to maximize your earnings while still making a quick sale.

2. Show Your Home In The Best Possible Light

A good realtor can help prospective buyers see the potential in your home. Anytime someone visits your property, your real estate agent will be there to answer their questions and to point out unique features. They also will hold open houses or other events that are designed to draw in interested buyers.

3. Reach More Prospective Buyers

One of the key factors to consider when deciding on a real estate agent is how they plan on marketing your home. The best agents are the ones who have well-developed marketing techniques that get good results. Typically, a good marketing campaign should involve three basic steps: showcasing your property online, promoting it in your local area through the use of open houses, and advertising your property on social media. The best realtors will even capture drone footage of your property, helping it stand out in your online listings.

4. Get More Money From The Sale Of Your Home

Real estate agents are specially trained in the art of negotiation. If a buyer comes to you with a relatively low offer, they will do their best to get more money out of the deal for you. They also will work hard to get buyers involved in bidding wars, which can dramatically increase the selling price of the home. One of the ways that they accomplish this is by marketing your property to multiple buyers so that it gets as much exposure as possible.

5. Negotiating Any Repairs Or Other Issues Before The Sale

When people buy a home, they usually pay for an inspection. After all, they are often spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on the property. It is no wonder they want to make sure it is in good shape. During the inspection, issues may be discovered with the home. For instance, there might be foundation damage that has to be repaired. When problems like these are found during the inspection, the buyer will often want them repaired before the sale goes through. Your real estate agent can help negotiate the terms of the contract to include this type of information.

6. Enjoy Faster Closing Times

By preparing the paperwork as quickly as possible after an offer comes in, your real estate agent can help speed up the closing process. Waiting for a real estate deal to close can feel like it takes an eternity. With a good agent, however, the process can be completed a lot faster so that you can get on with your life again. Your realtor will also provide you with updates along the way so that you always know what is happening at any given time in the closing process.

7. More Eyes On Your Property

When you work with a real estate agent, your property gets listed on the multiple listing service (MLS). This is a large database of homes for sale throughout the country. Having your house listed in this database is extremely important in terms of exposure. Not only does it allow other realtors to view your property but also people who are searching for homes online. The more eyes you can get on your property, the more likely you are to make a quick sale. You may even be lucky enough to get multiple people trying to buy your home, in which case the competing offers could drive up the sale price.

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